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Paltalk Bans

Room Bans and Admin Bans

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Ok if you get a admin ban just goto
Start/Run Type ''regedit'' (without spechmarks) then goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER/appevents/eventlabels You will see a string called Incomeing fax in the big box (DELETE IT) then goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER/appevents/schemes You will see a string called backup in the big box (DELETE IT) Then make a new paltalk Nickname and you can admin again.
But remember you will not be able to admin on the same nickname that you got banned on as that name is banned on paltalk server.

Click here to see the video

All room Ban,
goto Start/Run Type ''regedit'' (without spechmarks), then goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER/appevents/eventlabels u will se Incomeingfax (DELETE IT) then goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER/appevents/schemes you will see backup (DELETE IT) then goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/microsoft scrool down till you see nsplugins (DELETE IT) make new nickname and you can go in rooms again

All room ban,
if the first option dont work then they have banned your hard drive serial codes, IP
Goto Start/Run Type ''regedit'' (without spechmarks) then goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/Windows/current verison, you will see ProductId change that to what ever you want but dont forget to put the - in between the numbers, AND ONLY PUT NUMBERS, after you have changed that copy and paste it, then goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/Windows NT/Currentversion, You will see ProductId again Paste in there the same as you changed the other ProductId as.
Then close that all down and in the Download section of this site is a XP Mac Changer, Download it!
Then open XP Mac Changer and goto My Computer on the right you will see My Network Places click it then on the right again you will see View Network Connections click it then click on Locol area Connection or what ever is enabled for your internet.
open it up and click Support at the top then click Details you will see your Physical Address copy that into Mac Changer and change the numbers (NOT THE LETTERS OR THE 00 AT THE FRONT) then put your string in and click Change Mac And your done

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